In celebration of spring and the beginning of the golf season, Puma Golf and Quiet Golf have launched a new contemporary apparel collection for men and women. Inspired by the flow of the game, the collection highlights the peace and tranquility of golf by featuring a color palette that takes cues from bunkers, fairways and greens. From fresh air to the perfectly carved divot, this line brings stylish golfers an antidote for quieting the noise in the form of fashion.

The Puma Golf x QGC collection offers a variety of contemporary styles. Consisting of items ranging from premium cable knit sweaters and half zips to crewneck sweatshirts and graphic tees, the new Puma Golf x QGC apparel collection offers something for all types of players, including women, looking for an elevated look that captures the essence of spring and summer golf.

“The culture of golf is evolving and along with this evolution, styles are changing for the better.” said Mike Diaz, Marketing Director, Puma Golf. “Inspiration from different industries like fashion, street and skate are becoming more accepted on the course and we found the ethos of Quiet Golf to be on the forefront of that change. Partnering with a brand like QG allows us to offer a unique style that we see as a trend in golf that is going to be around for a while.”

The Puma Golf x QGC Collection offers the gamut of items that includes pants, shorts, skorts, sweaters and polos, headwear and a pair of limited-edition Avant saddle shoes. Colors include earthy tones – warm white, paisley, navy, chocolate, gray, and forest green, making the collection an ideal fit for spring golf. For women the collection offers the same warm color palette in pleated skirts and elevated tops, providing the perfect option for players that value both style and substance. Each of the items in the collection feature a unique Puma Golf x Quiet Golf logo.

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Photo Courtesy of Puma Golf