mong them is Like Mike Italian Taste, the first restaurant in America owned by Lucio Giordano, in collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Luigi Salomone.

One of a handful of new eateries along the Grove’s Main Highway, Like Mike is an excellent choice for those seeking pasta and Branzino fixes while exploring one of Miami’s more storied neighborhoods.

“Coconut Grove is becoming more ‘foodie,’’ said Like Mike Manager Salvatore Catania. “We’re happy to be here because we’re surrounded by great restaurants. This is an area that people want to to go to eat good food.’’

Like Mike Italian Taste certainly has that good food without overthinking dishes or being too far over the top. It has a solid menu that showcases tastes of the Amalfi Coast – traditional and contemporary – in a comfortable setting that includes plates, dishes and furniture imported from Naples.

Start with one of the Like Mike’s Campania wines and the Caprese Burrata appetizer to get to know the menu. Then then move to one of the pasta dishes, for example, the Linguine Vongole, or the fresh Branzino. Finish with the Semifreddo Al Limone – one of the best desserts you might ever eat.

 “A modern Trattoria from the Amalfi Coast,’’ Catania said. “We want people to come here and share our dishes and celebrate.’’