Kate Korngold, a14-year-old competitive golfer and entrepreneur has unveiled “Featherie,” a groundbreaking golf apparel brand tailored specifically for teen girls. Fueled by her passion for golf and determination to fill the void in suitable attire for her peer group, Korngold has embarked on an extraordinary journey to redefine style, comfort and sustainability on and off the course.

Korngold was inspired to create the brand after struggling to find suitable golf apparel that
matched her style and values.

“I created Featherie because I couldn’t find the kind of golf apparel I wanted as a teen girl
who loves the game,” said Korngold. “Most options out there were either too traditional or
too juvenile and almost always ill-fitting – they didn’t cater to the fashion preferences of
girls my age. Featherie is my response to that challenge – a brand that celebrates form,
function and the values of my generation that includes sustainably-sourced fabrics that
are UV protective.

“Just as the Featherie golf ball revolutionized the game of golf as the first
performance golf ball, Featherie apparel is changing the status quo by enabling girls to feel
stylish, confident and comfortable on the course with designs that also enhance
performance. Featherie is here to give new and competitive female junior golfers a
high-quality line of stylish apparel that is sophisticated, comfortable and functional.”

The debut collection includes a range of golf apparel, from stylish polos to
comfortable bottoms and flexible outerwear, designed to cater to the tastes of young girls
who are passionate about golf.

Photo Courtesy of Featherie